Thursday, December 9, 2010

Seven Down; Five to Go

On January 15, 2010, I introduced “Thinking Out Loud” online – a blog to establish an HR Alliance with you through a monthly article on a pertinent people perspective. While my monthly agenda has waivered, my pledge to produce a total of twelve articles during 2010 stands strong. That being the case, I owe you five messages and have less than a month to deliver. Best I begin now!

I realize I am but a mere hitch-hiker on the electronic super highway where others may tweet and text frequently throughout their day. Yet, one must walk before they can run, so I will not apologize for my online baby steps. The 2010 decision to blog was not about quantity. For me, it was more about trying something new, exercising my love of writing and learning where it might take me; having fun; exploring the creative cavities of my mind in search of a new perspective . . .

I expanded my business services this year to include “ghost-writing” and have been engaged by several clients to write on their behalf – to tell “their story” via an award application; to promote "their strengths and talents" via a project proposal; to articulate "their intentions" via a business document. Hopefully, 2011 will provide additional opportunities, incentives and motivation to write, thus I have coined 2011 “The Year of the Pen.”

And, now for today’s blog . . . oops, out of space . . . eight down; four to go.

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