Monday, July 12, 2010

More Handshakes; Less Heartaches

In my last blog, I wrote about the qualities of teamwork, collaboration and communication and how significant these qualities are in determining outcomes. The more effective the teamwork, collaborative process and communication style, the more positive the outcomes.

A phenomenon known as the Apollo Syndrome also illustrates the value of teamwork, collaboration and communication.

Several astronauts with top NASA credentials and high intellect gathered to address a highly complex issue.

Likewise, a group of individuals from NASA gathered who were indeed very smart, yet lacked the qualifications and expertise of the aforementioned astronauts. They were challenged to address a similar highly complex issue.

Interestingly, the second group was more successful in discovering the best options for resolving the problem. Their success was attributed to their effectiveness in teamwork, collaboration and communication, contrary to the first team who worked more independent of each other, yet below their collective capability.

When looking for ways to foster handshakes and eliminate arm wrestling, companies are invited to contact HR Alliance to learn more about our offerings. Among those services we provide are: experiential team building programs, serving as an external consultant to facilitate collaborative initiatives, and training on the subject of effective communication.

Congratulations to those organizations that recognize the power of a handshake and the opportunities for win-win results.