Friday, January 15, 2010

That is the question . . .

. . . whether ‘tis nobler to keep one’s thoughts to themselves . . .
or to take arms with the pen and risk sharing perspectives with another.

With my apologies to the memory of William Shakespeare, I ponder the dilemma whether or not to create a blog and take arms with the pen (or keyboard, as the case may be). In so doing, I ask myself two questions: (1.) Why? (2.) Why not?

Because I love to write
Because I have just created a new website – a convenient vehicle on which to hitch a ride
Because what I write may have a positive influence on a reader or sound a call to appropriate action
Because I may learn something in the process
Did I mention I love to write?

Why not?
Because I may not be a very good writer
Because developing a blog requires refreshing the site regularly – What if I have nothing to ‘say’?
Do I have the time? Will I make the time?
Will I make the commitment?

Perhaps I am burdened by my internal critic who warns me: “What will other people think?” “Maybe you’re not such a good writer after all.” “No one will read it.”

I was once told by a newspaper editor: There are natural writers and there are writers who pace, sweat, and wring their hands over the page. I fear I am the latter; however, my love of writing shall take precedence.

Given the beginning of a new year – the beginning of a new decade – by the power vested in me, I make a commitment to allocate the time to create a monthly blog throughout 2010.

And so, the “Whys” have it.
If we focus on our strengths, we tend to look for ways why we can.

If we focus on those areas we do not consider our strengths, we tend to justify our inaction by looking for ways why we can not.

In today’s economic, political and litigious environment, we often find ourselves in a state of flux. The answers to “why” and “why not” may not seem as clear as they once did. It is not uncommon for clients to contact HR Alliance to help distinguish between the “whys” and the “why nots.” I am grateful to those who call and allow us to participate in discussions that result in appropriate action because . . . the “whys” have it.

I invite you to visit: and respond with your questions, suggestions, thoughts, opinions, and ideas on future blogs.

In the meantime, to each of you,
please accept my sincere best wishes
for a new year of happiness, good health, prosperity and peace.

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